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LaPerm - Most Expensive Cat Breeds


Laperm Most Expensive Cat Breeds

The LaPerm breed is a cat with curly fur, a pointed muzzle and an affectionate character. Felinologists refer this breed to the most sociable and friendly cats. The breed can be seen at exhibitions, but in everyday life it is not so common.
LaPerm belongs to the category of mediumsized cats. The average weight is 56 kg. There are individuals that weigh 34 kg, they are very light. The LaPerm cat is always larger than the cat, but the difference is negligible.
Curly coat is the main feature of the breed. The curls make it possible to classify the laperma as a rex. Rex is a cat with thick curly hair.
There are shorthaired and longhaired laperms. Some varieties of longhaired laperm have a voluminous collar, as well as a more fluffy tail with "feathers" at the tip.
The fur looks untidy this is a specific breed trait. The coat of LaPerm cats is curly or wavy. The fur is softer than it might seem at first glance. The hair structure is very elastic. The hairs are far behind the body. There is no undercoat.
It is interesting!
Once a year, laperm can completely lose its coat. At these moments, he looks like a real sphinx. Fur loss occurs during the molting period. The pet must be protected from hypothermia, drafts.,
Life span
The average life expectancy is 15 years. However, with proper care, quality nutrition, pets with good genetics live 1718 years.
The advantages of the breed include:
Nice quiet voice
not aggressive
easy to get along with other pets;
the main advantage is that cat hair does not cause allergies in others, since it does not have an undercoat,
the offspring of cats of this breed always inherit the hypoallergenic gene from their ancestors
The disadvantages of the breed include:
Constant fight against fleas.
The need to constantly care for the coat.
Laperm is too curious.
High prices for kittens.

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