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Gabriel M

You can watch other cute videos & shorts of my kitten on my channel.
CUTEST kitty hop in the world:
   • BABY KITTEN  wants a hug  CAR KITTEN...  
Kitten standing proud:
   • baby kitty  

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NOT STAGED: This scene is actually the second attack, occurring shortly after the near identical 1st attack, which totally surprised sipping coffee looking down on my phone when I hear crows and strange noises coming from my hood. Ii look up and though i saw a giant seagull then quickly realized its a hawk or eagle when he charged the kitten's glass forcefield. I scared it away & it flew to that same spot. Seeing that hawk can't damage the glass or car i quickly opened the camera and got ready for a possible 2nd atrack and record an amazing sight. Nobody was hurt, no scratches on glass or paint, kitten too young to be comprehend and be afraid. She's doing great and survival instincts have kicked in.

25% speed highly recommended for detailed viewing in max resolution avail.
I appreciate your response and views.
Craziest thing I've ever seen. I was parked in McDonald's parking lot in LOS ANGELES (Ladera Heights) drinking my coffee and this giant hawk came from nowhere and landed on my windshield. It's saw my baby kitten from who knows how far away, tried to atrack it through glass and wouldn't leave even as i drove away through the strip mall. The chicken on roids is actually a juvenile Red Tailed Hawk or a baby rodan perhaps.

NEVER LEAVE PETS UNATTENDED ANYWHERE. This video proves that so many missing small & medium pets that were last seen,let or escaped outside probably met the fate of what you see here minus the forcefield.

Kitten: "Cheetah" female American/domestic shorthair tabby 5 weeks old at the time of the video.

#kitten #cat #hawk #viral #4k #kittyhawk

Camera: samsung galaxy s22

On Dash: multimeter, 1 sunglasses, 2 reading glasses (2nd is for magnifying. Ex: calibrating mechanical watch etc), vape, saltwater rod & reel for shark and striped bass, Freshwater rod and reel. 2x4 lumber.
Glsss cleaning: soapy water mixed with windex spray squeegee on the outside, damp microfiber inside

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