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JUTESETS - 'Jazz Trip' u0026 'Space Forest' 24/7 Live Radio - Relaxing Jazz Music

Cafe Music BGM channel

JUTESETS 1st Album 'Jazz Trip' & 2nd Album 'Space Forest' LIVE
The band "JUTESETS" produced by Cafe Music BGM channel.

▼Jazz Trip
The Jutesets Planet:
Sound Revolution:
Infinite Journey:
River of Sounds:
Blue Stars:
Cosmic Players:
Green Energy:
Wiggling Bandsmen:
Magical Fingers:
The Soloist in Sunglasses:
Colorful Universe
The Warp Zone
Fellow Stand
Never Ending Música
Heart Rockers
Three Eyed
Whistling Creatures
Puppet Story
Monsters' banquet

▼Space Forest
Here We Are:
Neon Lights:
Purple Sky:
Secret Live:
Melody Drip:
Endless Fiesta:
Magic Vine:
Space Rangers:
Poisonous Flora
Pink Stage
Dodgy Pond
In Midair
Shooting Stars
The Player In A Cap
Melty Green
Hidden Orchestra
Perfect Fellows
Midnight Rally

The band "JUTESETS" that travels around the world shows up everywhere.
It looks like a coffee bean bag is flying around the world.

The members are unique trio groups of JAZZY BEAN (Ba), HULA MOKA (Gt), and MUG SHY (Key).
When you enjoy coffee, it will appear instantly anytime, anywhere and play the finest music.

Have a happy coffee time with JUTESETS!!

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Animation by PAPRIKO Ink.
© Music is Copyrighted.

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