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JUNK Ford Ecosport 1.0L 3-Cylinder Ecoboost Teardown. LAWSUIT ENGINE!

I Do Cars

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I've been tearing down engines on camera for 2 and a half years! Search my channel to see what I've torn down.
You have been asking and FINALLY! I found one of these little nuggets of combustion. A 1.0L, turbocharged, direct injected 3 cylinder Ecoboost from a Ford Ecosport. This is a pretty unique engine in design as there aren't a lot of 3 cylinder offerings in the US, and I think its the first domestic branded 3 cylinder since the Geo Metro of the 90's. This 1000cc powerhouse puts down 123hp and is available in the front wheel drive Ecosport and Ford Focus, although they are available in more cars for different markets. This particular core engine is thought to have around 7080k miles on it which is very premature for an engine failure on a modern car. I tear this engine all the way down to try to figure out what happened, and why it failed.

Why on earth am I doing these teardowns? I own and run a full service auto salvage business in the Saint Louis area called Importapart. Part of our model is buying blown, core and unwanted engines and dismantling them to resell the good, usable parts. We do not rebuild engines, we merely supply parts to those who do.

I really hope you enjoyed this teardown. As always, I love all of the comments, feedback, and even the criticism. Catch you on the next one!


posted by kiwi107vm