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Jordan Peterson: STOP LYING TO YOURSELF! How To Turn Your Life Around In 2024!

The Diary Of A CEO

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00:00 Intro
01:31 Changing People’s Lives
04:56 How Can People Change & Have Successful Lives
12:59 The Science of Why the Small Task Method Is So Revolutionary
20:35 The Most Effective Way To Help People Who Are Suffering
35:36 The Key To Having A Healthy & Strong Relationship
42:08 Why Men Don’t Like to Listen & How to Prevent Fights in a Relationship
54:49 How to Overcome the Toughest Traumas
58:51 Ordinary People Can Become the Most Dangerous
01:02:51 Lies Ruin Your Life
01:08:25 The Greatest Challenge Young People Face
01:15:13 The Link Between Responsibilities & Your Worth
01:19:27 Peterson’s Academy
01:24:11 Last Guest’s Question

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