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It's a Snow Day At KA! - And Other Highlights - Feb 13th.


Connecticut had quite a large snowfall overnight! First time for the kittens!
This video contains three of the micro closeups Mr. A filmed with the kittens and cats enjoying the snow!
Captions included with names of the kittens and cats for new subscribers!

00:00 Intro Teaspoon wakes up to see snow!
00:14 Till looks out at the snow!
00:39 Jan and Holly crab puff in the breakfast nook!
01:08 Micro closeup #1 The snow.
02:20 Micro closeup #2 Kittens and cats in the cat run!
03:25 Micro closeup #3 Sprout, Logan, Fry and Jan go out in the snow!
10:28 Maggie prefers to be inside!
10:47 Teaspoon says Hi!
11:05 The vacuum monster!
11:38 Can you spot Callie under the kittens?
12:16 Jan tips over the 's' scratcher!
12:26 Jan the meerkat!
12:40 Logan and Sprout with cute Julian!
13:24 Holly and Greg play with the worm toy!
13:53 Kittens in the exercise wheel 1.5x speed! To end.

Recorded from the livestream @Kittenacademy and edited by @Bizzicat.

posted by havelany5d