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Is Your Pelvic Health at Risk? How Physical Therapy Can Save You

Austin Madriaga

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Physical Therapists can treat pelvic health and pelvic floor dysfunctions. But do you know what pelvic health is? This episode of The PT Lounge features a pelvic health physical therapist and her role in her community.

Host: Austin Madriaga, PT, DPT
Instagram: @austinnmad

Pelvic Floor Model Catrina used ➡

00:00 Introduction
00:40 What is Pelvic Health?
01:09 Who needs to know about Pelvic Health?
01:50 The Pelvis
03:09 What is a pelvic health specialist?
03:40 Pelvic Floor
04:47 How about men?
06:25 How to become a pelvic health PT?
09:19 Patient case load
12:56 Do you need a referral?
13:34 Young vs Old
16:25 Who do they treat?
21:46 How to find a pelvic health PT
22:30 Advice for Students

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