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Real Big Boys

Check out this archival footage of Nicolai the Gorilla finding just the right to tune at the Cedar Rapids Primate Refuge in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Nicolai did die 2 day laters of alcohol poisoning, he accidentally licked an unmarked box that supposedly contained Everclear leftover from a zookeeper frat party. RIP (Real Inconvenient Problem).

His body was cremated and his ashes were spread where he always wanted The picnic tables just outside of the Nashville Best Buy in Nashville, TN ( RIP (Real Incredible Prices)

To donate to the Nicolai Frat Party Death Fund which helps fund seminars to train child gorillas not to lick unknown boxes, please drop as many dollars as can into the small clear plastic barrel that's screwed to the fence just outside of the men's bathroom at the Cedar Rapids Zoo in Nashville, TS.

RIP (Rangle Infinite Phunds)

Nicolai was 94 years old and had IBS (Incontrollable Box Slurping).

Please Subscripe.

posted by fleagen2p