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I Wish I Knew This Vermicomposting Method When I Started.

The Urban Harvest - Homegrown Education

Vermicomposting or harvesting castings from worm bins is a great way to generate homemade worm castings in garden. But composting worms for hot climates can be tricky. This cheap worm composting system helps you beat the heat so your worms survive the summers. This is hands down the best system for worm composting in Florida and other hot climates. A worm composting bathtub may be something you've never considered but after watching this you'll be looking to start your own too!

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00:00 diy worm farm for castings
1:13 composting worms for hot climates
2:18 difference between earthworms and composting worms
3:08 bathtub worm bin
3:40 pests in worm bins
4:21 low maintenance worm bin
5:34 feeding composting worms
6:27 bedding for worms
8:17 harvesting worm castings

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