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I Secretly Used Creative Mode for 1 Week


I joined my friend TruOriginal's School SMP while he was hacking so I decided sneaking Creative Mode into the server would be the perfect counter...

Flame's Discord (Texture Pack, Mods, & Settings):
  / discord  

Flame's Feather Cosmetics (Cloak):

Flame's Twitter/X:
  / flamefrags  

Make Your Own SMP (Code "FlameFrags"):

Flame's Other Socials:

SchoolSMP Members (in this video): @TruOriginal

Credit to LeoWook for being the first to do this idea!
(Wemmbu is chill with me uploading this video because we were doing Creative videos at the same time)

#flamefrags #minecraft #lifestealapp

posted by probatest8