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I rescued four little kittens from the street and found them a home

Nine Lives

These kittens were born by a feral cat. People who lived nearby asked for someone to take the kittens away from there since it was a dangerous place for them. They had a big dog that almost chewed one of the kittens up and there was a road with lots of traffic nearby. The kittens were tame since they were feeding them for about a week already. I did take the kittens to a vet. They had fleas, earmites, a mild diarrhea and intestinal parasites. They were tested negative for feline coronavirus and panleukopenia. I took them home and started treating them for their minor issues. A mild diarrhea is pretty standard for kittens who live on the street so I wasn't worried about it. Unfortunately two days later it got worth and one of the kittens, Basya, started throwing up and refused to eat. I took them to the vet again were they were tested for feline coronavirus and panleukopenia one more time. This time the test for panleukopenia came back positive. Because panleukopenia is a virus, there is no specific cure, so treatment consists of providing supportive care. This includes fluid therapy to correct dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities, antibiotics to fight off secondary bacterial infections, and control of vomiting and diarrhea. Unfortunately the death rate of kittens with this disease is very high. To maximize the chances of them surviving I left them at the clinic. The doctors at this clinic are very experienced when it comes to this virus and I knew from others that they had kittens treated there who survived panleukopenia. At this time I was very devastated as I had lost a kitten to this virus 2 years ago and I knew what they would have to go through. Ksyusha and Olesya were doing bad the first 3 days. They needed to be force fed and got infusions to compensate for the loss of liquids in their bodies. Pirat and Basya were doing much better. After 10 days it was clear that all 4 would survive. I was very happy that they managed to do so well. I could take them home to continue therapy for one more month at my place. After they recovered I could finally start to search for families for them. They were all adopted by great families. We wanted to catch the mother to spay her but unfortunately she disappeared.

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posted by isolated1r