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I Built a Lego Water Park Rapids Ride!

Build it with Bricks

I built a working Lego water park rapids ride using Lego and Lego Technics!

Sitting alongside rollercoasters and other amusement attractions, river rapid rides are a huge amount of fun!

The ride utilises 8 large power functions motors and achieves a measured water output of 1800 litres per hour via its 2 centrifugal pumps!

The ride features a course length of 2.6m from dropin to lift hill with 2 ride vehicles.

00:06 Building The Centrifugal Pumps
01:13 1st Pump Test
02:04 Track Layout
02:55 Ride Vehicle
03:01 Building The Lift Hill
04:15 Turning On The Ride
04:57 Time To Ride!

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posted by scvreo7