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I RESCUED an old AUGER Crane Truck!!! ~ Is a DIGGER DERRICK the ULTIMATE all around Service Truck?

Salvage Workshop

I decided I NEEDED another International Crane Truck, but this time I REALLY scored BIG!

This is a 1982 International s1700 CREW Cab Digger Derrick, also known as a Crane Auger truck. These trucks are largely used in the in the utility industry to install telephone poles and EVERYTHING associated with running power lines / telecom lines. They are the WORK Horses of these industries, and are WAY over built, and PACKED with a ton of incredibly useful features!

For starters the truck has a crane that at it's strongest can lift 14000 lbs! The crane's winch is outfitted with a 1.5" heavy duty synthetic winch line. The crane has 1 powered extension, and another one that is manually pulled out for a max extension of over 34 feet. There are 2 hydraulically driven outriggers on the rear of the truck to stabilize the truck when using the crane. The crane has an auger attached to it with a 22" auger bit that can be used to dig post holes or just break up hard ground. There is a pincher / grabber on the end of the crane for grabbing and moving poles or tree branches, whatever else!

It has a massive PTO driven winch in the bed with hundreds of feet if 1/2" cable for all the pulling needs! There is an attachment that allows the winch line to be run vertically up, down, or to the left or right without damaging anything! There is a 4.5kw Kohler gasoline generator built into the truck with outlets in a few places around the truck. There are more storage boxes built in for storing all kinds of tools and gear.

The truck has a CREW CAB with 4 FULL doors for taking EVERYONE on adventures! There is built in compressed air plumbed to multiple locations throughout the truck. The truck is setup to tow large trailers with the Pintal hitch, and smaller ones with the 2" hitch receiver. There is an attachment for winding up and coiling wire, and another for lifting and lowering things with the use of the winch pto driven winch.

The tires on this truck are in almost new shape, and the rear end has a limited slip that locks up when the truck starts to spin out in the rear.

The truck is powered by a International 345 gasoline V8 engine that is followed by a spicer automatic transmission. The engine seems to run strong, and may be a remanufactured engine, but I have no idea when that was done.

If there is one MAJOR thing I want to change about the truck it's the drive train! I would like to put a diesel engine in it with a manual transmission of some kind behind it.

There is some rust under the driver floor pan near the pedals, and a couple places in the tool boxes on the sides, but over all there is NOT very much rust on this truck, especially for it's age!

There are additional issues and little quarks about the truck that need addressing, but overall, this is an INCREDIBLE truck and I am PUMPED to add it to the fleet here at Salvage Workshop!


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0:00 Driving & Inspecting the new truck
2:03 After saving it from SCRAP... I drove it 300 miles home!
2:29 Introducing Salvage Workshop's Digger Derrick / Auger Crane Truck
3:14 Unloading the SECRET Cargo
4:25 1982 International S1724 Crew Cab Truck
6:21 Onboard Kohler 4500 Generator
7:10 The tires are almost NEW!
7:53 Going through the boxes on the driver side of the Baker Equipment body
9:40 The operators control stand at the back of the truck
12:13 MASSIVE PTO driven Tulsa winch in the bed of the truck!
13:52 The Rear of the Truck
19:16 Auger storage for auger bits
20:05 Bed Mounted Socket / Attachment for winching at different angles
24:09 Bayonet Style Winch Shaft for attachments Capstan & Take Up Reel
26:05 Auxiliary hydraulic hose reel for hydraulic powered tools
27:25 On board compressed air setup
28:28 Going through the toolboxes on the passenger side
33:24 Auxiliary Air setup & rotator beacon light.
34:34 Looking at the cab roof damage
35:52 Going through the cab of the truck
45:35 Checking out the International 345 V8 Gasoline Engine that runs this beast
49:19 Engaging the PTO to run the AUX Hydraulics
50:23 Showing how the crane can grab Telephone / Power Poles
50:43 The professionals using similar trucks
54:17 Testing out the Crane, Extension, & Auger
58:18 Next up... Using the truck to SAVE the FARM's Well


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Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your support!

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