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I found a RARE ALL-Terrain 'Wheel Loader' Forklift! Will it START?! (THIS Machine PUT UP A FIGHT!!!)

Salvage Workshop

Is it someones HOMEMADE machine? Was it a CUSTOM order by the Military? Did they ONLY make ONE? OR did all of the documentation for this Clark(Michigan) 35 AWS ALLTerrain Forklift get lost in a fire many decades ago?!?

I DON'T KNOW!! If you do, PLEASE let me know! Also if you have any documentation for this machine, I would love to see it, if you would be so kind!!

Here's what I do know:
This is a late 1960's early 1970's Clark (Michigan) 35 AWS Forklift built on the Michigan 35 AWS Wheel Loader / Shovel rated to lift 5000lbs. It is All Wheel Steer, 4 Wheel Drive, and has a Perkins A4.236 Diesel engine (most likely transplanted, could be wrong). It has air over hydraulic brakes that of course don't work, with an engine powered air compressor and an on board air horn that DOES work & is AWESOME. I'm guessing it's from the 1970's or so (maybe earlier), but I'm not positive on that!

This thing is rollin on 24" tires and has ground clearance for DAYS!! Which makes it easy to take this unique forklift just about ANYWHERE, and I have every intention to put that to the TEST!!

This revival was DEFINITELY a challenge to say the least, and I'm betting that you'll NEVER guess why I couldn't get this thing to start! It was a new one on me!

So sit back, put on your couch mechanic hat, let me know your thoughts in the comments(YES I read them!), & join me as we bring life to this neglected old beast that was DEFINITELY destined for the scrap yard!

I promise you'll enjoy the journey, and I appreciate that you've decided to come along!

Please enjoy! I know I did!


0:00 Initial walk around
7:20 Figuring out WHAT engine is in it
8:25 Checking Fluids and Investigating a bit
9:48 Clearing around the Machine to make it easier to work on
12:14 Removing the Starter and Baring the Engine over
15:20 Removing the Valve Cover
16:00 Looking at the top of the Motor
16:24 Opening the Oil pan to look for Water and Metal Chunks
17:16 Pouring Engine oil and Penetrating oil over the top of the Motor
18:16 Checking to see if the Valves are stuck
18:43 Looking for a problem in the Transmission
20:12 FINALLY freed up the Engine!!
21:43 Reinstalling the Starter and Beating the DEVIL out of it
25:16 Trying to use a Starter from another Machine
29:07 Removing the Random piece of Car stuck in the forks
29:41 Installing the Rebuilt Starter!
30:25 Checking the Fuel tank and Adding Diesel
31:07 First REAL attempt to Start this old Beast
33:55 Removing and cleaning the Fuel Water Separator
35:36 Jacking up the forks for transport
36:37 Loading the Old Wheel Loader Forklift onto the trailer
44:49 Heading back to Salvage Workshop
45:22 It's BACK at the shop!!
48:43 I figured out WHY it wouldn't Start
55:47 Actually TRYING the OTHER Perkins Starter on this Machine
59:36 Finally STARTING the Old Machine
1:00:54 Checking to see if all 4 cylinders are Firing
1:02:34 Testing the Transmission and Checking for Brakes
1:05:04 It's time to Unload it!!
1:06:51 Unhooking and Testing the Forklift mast
1:11:14 Talking about the STARTER Problems!
1:13:26 Removing the Broken Starter Mounting Bolt and adding a New Stud!
1:17:24 Trying out the CORRECT Newly Rebuilt Starter for this Machine
1:19:17 It Starts, It Drives, It DOESN'T Stop, & it has a WORKING Air HORN!!
1:20:39 Do YOU know anything about this MACHINE... PLEASE HELP!
1:23:39 Thanks for joining me on this adventure! LOT'S more to come!


If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them below!

Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your support!

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posted by skoaltiidia