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How to repair a crack or hole in fiberglass.

Garage Noise

In todays video i will walk you through the steps it takes to repair a crack or hole in fiberglass.

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UPol 2892 High Solids Urethane
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Mirka Abrasives Mirlon Total 4.5" X 9" Scuff Pads, Ultra Fine (1500 Grit)
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Evercoat 125 Rage Ultra Body Filler 0.8 Gallon
by Evercoat

Fibre GlassEvercoat Co 100911 Fiberglass Cloth 6 oz.

Bondo Fiberglass Resin, Stage 2, For Repairing, Resurfacing, or Rebuilding Metal, Wood, Fiberglass or Masonry, 115 US Fl oz with 1.48 Fl oz Hardener
by 3M


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