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How To | Permanent Voice Change

Improve Your Voice

Improve Your Voice, coach Darren McStay, shares his knowledge on how to no only sound more confident or gain a more sexy voice but actually HOW to have a confident voice and engage others by sounding more attractive. Deep voices (for men especially) are often considered manly and sexy, but if you are someone who uses it for public speaking you can develop a system over time to create positive and permanent changes which will improve your tone of voice. Others will hear your charisma when you change through voice training.

For permanent and positive change sign up to my 8week ONLINE COURSE: is a new website designed to help people utilise their voices to maximum effect.

We can help you...

Gain confidence in presenting yourself with spoken English

Become a more authoritative, engaging and resonant voice

Work on and develop your speech, sales pitch or presentation

Learn physical and practical training techniques for daily practice

See an immediate and positive change over the quality of your communication

Focus on pitch, tone, projection, articulation, accent and intention

Overcome nerves and engage your audience.

Relax and find comfort in your physicality, body language, speech delivery and conversational grammar. ​

How To | Permanent Voice Change

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