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How to make $2000 per week driving Lyft

The Vibe Factor

Make the most out of your time driving for Lyft or Uber. Then when you have saved enough money, move on to build and grow your passion.

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How to make $2000 per week driving Lyft. In todays video I want to show you how you can earn $2000 per week driving lyft. I also want to show you how easy it is to do part time. And also how to make $1000 per week on lyft. Its super easy but takes a lot of time. But you will have freedom from working for someone else. You can go on vacation whenever you want fr as log as you want. Its literally the best job i have ever had and by far the easiest and most comfortable. OK thanks for watching I'll see you tomorrow.

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Time Stamps

0:52 who needs a ride?

1:44 where to find rides?

6:06 the technique

6:56 common mistakes

8:46 make a schedule for yourself

10:30 bonuses

11:17 comparing to your old job

12:40 wear and tear

13:36 choosing a car

15:03 Lyft line or shared rides

15:53 be positive

18:00 be patient

18:52 how to drive in your city

19:24 rental program

20:46 how much I make?

22:42 how to make $2000

25:54 my driving background

26:15 going part time?

27:47 $500 sign up bonus for new drivers

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