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How to Install FiTech EFI on Ford 302

Nashville Early Bronco

How to install FiTech EFI on a Ford 302! I love my Early Bronco but I've always had trouble tuning the carburetor, so my solution is the FiTech Go Street 4 600 HP EFI system.

This is what I bought:
*NOTE: If you buy a FiTech from Amazon, buy it from FITech, not a third party or FiTech will not be under warranty if something goes wrong*

This thing is super easy to install and I'm going to show you how to do it. It should only take about 45 hours. I ran into a lot of issues trying to get my timing right, finding the right 12V wire to run to it, and realizing I had a bad magnetic pick up on my MSD Pro Billet distributor. But I love it, it's self learning, self tuning, and started right up (kind of).

00:00 Introduction
02:46 Remove Intake Manifold
03:00 Install new intake manifold
03:44 Remove Carburetor
03:56 Mock up Fitech
06:35 Drill for 02 Sensor and Install 02 Sensor
08:35 Install FItech Throttle body
09:02 Power the Fitech
09:48 Hook up Fuel pump
10:50 Install Temp Sensor
11:23 Other wiring
11:43 Hooking up the Coil
12:10 12V wire
13:35 Locking out the distributor
13:40 Hand Held controller
14:14 Transmission kick down linkage

This installation is the same on any Ford 302, mustang, F100, F150, classic bronco, you name it! And it's so easy!

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posted by LarroarfNuttt