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HOW TO HAVE A SMELL FREE LITTER BOX » sharing my secret to a stink-free home with multiple cats

Micol And Other Animals

HOW TO HAVE A SMELL FREE LITTER BOX » sharing my secret to a stinkfree home with multiple cats. How do you keep your litter box box stink free? Well, I have a 100% smellfree litter box, and in this video I share my secret to a smell free house... with multiple cats!

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Cat litter does make a difference, and choosing what kitty litter is right for you and your cat is also important, but keeping your litter stinkfree has less to do with the type of litter than the way you set it up.

Nobody likes to live with that stinky smell all over the house, and you definitely don't want your guests to have to pretend they don't notice the litter box smell (or should we say, litter box stink) that multiple cats can bring to your household. And really, this is true for since or multiple cat households.
We believe a stink free, clean litter box is the greatest tool for cat owners to check on their cat's health daily. Because life with cats is better, and cats are family.

It's all about my secret ingredient, and my litter box 101 type maintenance routine. Keeping a clean litter box will be an absolute breeze!

In this channel, I share everything I have learned about natural nutrition and in integrating a holistic approach to your cat and dog’s health. If there's a particular topic you wish you have more info on, leave us a comment and check out our other videos.

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