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How My Startup Brings In $278K A Year Selling $60 T-Shirts In NYC

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Doobie Duke Sims, 42, answered a Craigslist ad for a print shop that was already set up, and taught himself how to screenprint clothing. In 2020, he created Snow Milk, a Brooklynbased streetwear brand. Prices for his clothing range from $60 for a Tshirt to $500 for a trench coat. Last year, Sims' business brought in $278,000.

Check out Doobie's website here:

Produced, Shot and Edited by: Valentina Duarte
Managing Producer: Beatriz Bajuelos
Additional Camera: Tasia Jensen
Animators: Elham Ataeiazar, Gene Kim
Additional Footage: Doobie Duke Sims

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I Bring In $278K A Year Designing Streetwear In Brooklyn

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