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Homeless kittens calling mother meowing but ? Kittens rescue

Tiny Kittens - Rescue Center

This family was attacked by a dog. Fortunately, the woman saw this scene. She tried to save the kittens. She said the dog was trying to attack the kittens and the cat was saving the kittens. There, one of the people gave our number to this woman and told that these people do street feeding. You should contact them. This lady told us the whole story and we reached this place. From here, we got five kittens.

We also searched for their mother as she ran away from there in fear. Fortunately, we managed to catch their mother. We have brought this family to our home. You will see in the video that we have gathered a lot of kittens. We request that if anyone wants to adopt, please contact us.

Hello Friends My channel is about stray cats I live in Punjab, thousands of stray cats and kittens live where I live and unfortunately they are very hungry. They need food, love and attention. I feed them every day and offer my love When they see me they start meowing and following me, I love cats. I WANT A WORLD WHERE ALL CATS LIVE HAPPY DON'T LET CATS TO STAY Hungry If you want to help me, you can support me by watching my videos until the end and you can subscribe to the channel by clicking the subscribe button

I wish you a healthy day

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