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Helping a friend resurrect an old 1956 Chevy hotrod with a modern LS engine.

Halfass Kustoms

Buddy of mine asked for some help to get an LS installed in his old 56 Chevy that he use to have and decided to give him a hand getting it installed and running along with a few mechanical things

00:00 Intro
05:09 adding return line to fuel tank
08:36 cutting down the oil pan
13:33 pulling 56 Chevy into the shop
18:10 Prepping and installing the LS engine
26:10 plumbing the fuel lines for the LS
34:09 working on exhaust manifolds to fit the 56 Chevy
38:51 First Start with the new LS
44:20 Building the exhaust out some used junk
47:19 Bleed brakes and random junk before first drive.
51:21 Ending and final drive.

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posted by or1kes21