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Help! My New Cat / Kitten is Scared of Me!!

Jackson Galaxy

Help! My New Cat / Kitten is Scared of Me!

Sometimes you do everything right with your new arrival and yet you’re met with fear and avoidance. Besides your feelings being hurt, it’s not that out of the ordinary. Your new cat family member may have experienced all kinds of things that could lead to a lack of trust or general fear. But, never fear there’s a way through this and I’m here to help!

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00:00 Intro
00:57 Bora's Question: My cat hides under the bed & furniture
02:50 Jackson's Reaction
03:19 Reasons cats may hide
04:51 Analysis
06:07 Cat runs from me when I approach
06:30 Trust issues: shy cat in new home
10:45 Jackson's Advice
16:22 The Roller Coaster
17:44 Outro

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