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He was chained in snowing screaming for realeasse but was shot 4 bullets! Watch for the miracle!


He was chained in snowing, screaming for realeasse but was shot 4 bullets! Watch for the miracle!

“Please let me go” he screamed and begged his owner.
“He made a mistake and he deserved it,” said the owner.
The dog was shaking with the snow that covered him
He wouldn't let me help the dog even though I begged him.
The dog kept looking at me and crying
I cried hard and called the authorities
At the vet, his temperature dropped sharply
Just the slightest touch makes him shiver
His body almost froze
We were shocked when we took the xray
There were up to 4 bullets inside
I couldn't believe it in my eyes.
There was a bruise inside.
His head and eyes were wounded, his lips were torn. ¿
What exactly happened to him?
We have added his medical history.
2 days later, his body temperature stabilized.
Jem started drinking water and eating soft foods.
, but his condition was still very bad.
The doctor said we could lose him at any time.
He couldn't stand on his own.
His muscles were very weak.
He has spondylosis in the sacral area.
He had pain in both his spine and shoulder.
Eating is also a challenge for him
. The owner will do it. I have to face what he did.
In reality, this dog is not at all guilty. No
he wants to take care of an old dog.
He wanted to leave this dog in the cold.
There was a bullet that affected his spine

Special thanks to: va_lera82

Seveve emaciated, he even unable to walk, tried to find foods in garbage ... but no one help!

#StrayPaws, #AmazingTransformation, #DogRescue

posted by papkarimatz