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Got a Cat in Heat? Reset it Like a Router!


My Strawberry cannot be neutered (sorry I meant spayed, always get the word mixed up) yet, as we are dealing with her liver problems (she seems to have a weak liver since she was rescued, and cannot use anesthesia without risking not waking up ever). So when she is in heat she beats her BF Burrito if he doesn't comply... Which is a bit hard for him to keep up, as he is already spayed (and frankly 2040 times is a lot of sex a day!)

I found online there is a pressure point but initially I thought people were sticking their fingers into her bum, but it turned out the videos' angles were shot poorly!!! The pressure point does exist and it does calm her so she doesn't feel horrible nor beat her uncomplying BF....

If you need a more detailed video it's here:    • How to Soothe Female Cat in Heat (Pre...  

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