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Golden Retriever Puppy Meets Goats For The First Time! (Cutest Reaction!!)

Life with Malamutes

Buddy has met the goats before but Eddie the new retriever puppy hasn't. Pygmy goats are very curious by nature and want to see what these yellow fluffy animals are when they are used to seeing 3 wolves all the time haha. They get a bit flighty if the dogs actively chase them but as a whole they are happy to be beside them. It's good to introduce these supervised interactions so hopefully we can let them all out in the garden together and maybe they will play together who knows. The goats are eager to play but goat language of playfully headbutting and dog language of play biting prob don't get translated too well just yet. Hopefully this summer we will get more interactions as the weather has been miserable for so so long. Who's your favourite goat?

posted by Viantolity