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Golden Retriever Adopts Adorable Baby As His Own! (Cutest Ever!!)

Life with Malamutes

The story of Buddy the golden retriever from day one he knew he was part of the family. Even though he was so small he knew he had to take n a responsibility and thinks he became a father to not one, but two little babies in time! He is the softest, most gentle retriever you ever will meet and he has nothing but devoted unconditional love for Nathan and Amelia. Amelia and Buddy meeting for the first time was so wholesome, Buddy is a credit to retrievers alike and the perfect companion. A lot of you request Buddy content so we thought we would make a little video clip of him and the kids over the years, obviously he jump up in size considerably at one point haha. The way he lays his head on the kids to show love is too much, it makes your heart cry with lov!

posted by Viantolity