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Freightliner Custom Chassis Factory Experience

National Indoor RV Centers

Join Angie of National Indoor RV Centers for a behind the scenes look at Freightliner Custom Chassis' Factory in Gaffney, South Carolina. See how Freightliner sets themselves apart from other manufacturers by building in quality at every step of the process.

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00:00 Angie Intro
01:18 Fireside Chat with Presidents
02:00 What is the most important, the most undersold, and the least researched part of a Motorhome?
03:06 What are the three most important considerations?
03:44 It’s all about your journey, for life
05:30 What technology goes into your coach?
06:52 “Paying more does not mean you get more”
012:27 “Who answers your service calls?”
14:36 Rest easy with worldwide access to part
18:57 FCCC Product Strategy Pushing Innovation
20:59 VRide, demand the new industry standard
23:20 Tight turn concern? Think Ultrasteer
25:15 Drive your coach like your car with DriveTech
28:24 Engineering 38 sec
29:24 The most sophisticated design tools in the industry
32:23 How do you know how thick to make your frame rails?
34:36 What's next for RV innovations?
35:27 The Lab Peek behind the curtain
38:25 Test and test again it all happens at EVC
41:20 Building quality in first requires torture
42:40 Logistics Center
45:48 See the future with The Tomorrow Report
47:12 Florack’s got your back (and parts)
48:41 Smart parts storage and retrieval mean less is more
52:27 Kitting for Quality
53:50 “Driven by you and driving price down”
54:17 Angie sees the light!
56:16 Kits enable customization
58:01 Assembly
58:36 The daily meeting means being proactive not reactive
59:47 RV Line = high volume....1 at a time
01:01:24 Engine Kit Carts it’s all there
01:02:56 Smart Tools take away guesswork (and cost more than your tow vehicle)
01:04:14 Engine Line Quality and Efficiency
01:08:33 7 rail configurations = optimal ride for your coach
01:11:10 Squaring Table & More Smart Tools = Critical to your coach foundation
01:13:57 Smart Tool demo
01:15:06 Calibrate yourself at the Torque Tool Lab for built in quality
01:16:42 The Pharaoh rules quality
01:19:25 VRide is born
01:21:12 UltraSteer
01:21:39 You’ll flip with chassis rollover
01:24:42 Smart Tools protecting your castle
01:26:42 Power up with engine drop
01:30:29 Smart Tool = never loose lug nuts
01:31:48 Does your vacuum check for leaks?
01:33:04 Every axle, every chassis, aligned before it gets to you
01:35:00 Safety first, check brakes last
01:37:22 Dyno drives quality
01:38:41 Customer Service
01:39:40 Who answers your call?
01:41:35 2 minutes to live in Gaffney
01:43:32 24/7/365 Talk to an expert
01:44:28 You’re a customer for life
01:45:10 The steps to service success
01:46:50 PDCs = manufacturer parts, readily available
01:49:52 Find your Oasis, your RV service concierge
01:51:36 Demand direct service, no outsourcing!
01:54:07 Wrap!

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