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Fixing RV Tank Sensors With A Certified RV Tech

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Struggling with misreading RV holding tank sensors is a common issue for most RVers! This fully comprehensive video walks you through what sensors are, how they work, what causes them to misread, AND how you can fix them.

RV Sensors Part 2:    • How RV Sensors Can Misread: A Deep Dive  

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Trying To Fix Sensors With Online Remedies
2:29 What Are Holding Tank Sensors?
3:01 Which Types Of Tanks Have Sensors?
3:54 What Exactly Do Holding Tanks Look Like?
5:06 How Do Sensors Work And What Do They Look Like?
6:07 What Causes My Black Tank Sensors To Misread?
7:10 What Causes My Gray Tank Sensors To Misread?
8:15 What Is The Process For Restoring Misreading Sensors?
9:22 Are There Different Types Of Sensors?
11:40 What Are The Steps To Restore My Misreading Black Tank Sensors?
15:21 What Are The Steps To Restore My Misreading Gray Tank Sensors?
16:47 What Product Should I Be Using?
18:13 What If I Am A Full Timer?
19:23 How Can I Prevent My Sensors From Misreading?
20:59 I've Tried This Process But My Sensor Is Still Misreading?
21:44 Conclusion

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