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FiRST DAY of SCHOOL with Adley u0026 Niko!! Dad is our Teacher! A for Adley back to school supplies 📚

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

fun Back to School Surprises for my Friends ✂


HEY EVERYBODY!! IT'S ALMOST TIME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL!! So we decided to get some practice by playing pretend school with Teacher Dad! Before the first day of school me and Niko got all of our supplies ready but it was a REALLY busy morning so when we got to school we realized we forgot ALL of our supplies. Luckily, during school, we made a list of all the gear we need this year so that we could bring it tomorrow! When we got home from the first day we gathered up everything on our list like Backpacks, Folders, Pencil Pouches, Water Bottle, Scissors, Pencils, and Erasers! After we got all our stuff ready we went to sleep! When we woke up, we quickly did our morning routine then went back to school! This time we had ALL of our stuff! In school today we had a substitute teacher named Mr. Duggee. It was a super fun day of school because we had ART CLASS!! Art is my favorite class because I love to make crafts! Our sub told us to draw our favorite animals. I drew a giraffe, and Niko drew a weird animal I haven't heard of... We finished our drawings but Mr Duggee's hair fell off so he ran away! After he ran away our normal teacher Mr. Schneeble came back to finish the day! On our last day of school we did Reading and Math! While we were doing our homework, security guards surrounded the school so we had to escape! We made a plan with Mr. Schneeble, it was just like cops and robbers! Today was a BEST DAY EVER playing pretend school with Dad and Niko!

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