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EMOTIONS SELF-ESTEEM and EMPATHY for Kids - Compilation Video

Smile and Learn - English

Educational video for children to learn the basic emotions, improve their selfesteem with a fun exercise and discover what empathy is with a short story. We feel happy when good things happen, we feel sad when something bad happens around us, we feel scared when we think we're in danger; anger is the emotion that makes us feel annoyed, we feel disgusted when something repels us and we feel surprised when something unexpected happens. Regarding empathy, children will look at several situations any child can face in their daytoday school environment. These examples will help to show what empathy is about so that children can learn how to put themselves in the place of other people. As for the selfesteem video, children will learn to know themselves, identify their positive and negative traits, discover how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them. This compilation video is an excellent teaching resource for preschool education and elementary school.

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