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Dog training collar with remote + what is the difference between shock collar and e collar

Tom Davis Dog Training

In this episode Dog training collar with remote + what is the difference between shock collar and e collar professional dog trainer Tom Davis goes over the incredible abilities of the e collar to train your dog. The remote collar is, unfortunately, something that most dog owners don't use properly which leads them to faulty training as well as potential damage. ANYTHING you use to train a dog can be used wrong, the real problem is simple education. We fell that the remote collar is such a fantastic tool for dog trainers and dog owners when introduced both to the dog and the human properly. We train hundreds of dogs on the remote collar successfully giving them the opportunity to live a fulfilled life offleash with the safety of wireless control. Some counties ban this tool due to the lack of understanding of the collar as well as poorly manufactured remotes that have zero ability to communicate to the dog humanely. MY goal with this video is to unify dog trainers and work with other dog owners who may be against the remote collar use but to understand the sucess of the collar is predicated solely on the owner and quality of the unit. This session is a reenactment of a REAL session we've had here at the UCA. Like many dog trainers, we see this response sometimes with uneducated dog owners and like always they leave the UCA happy knowing everything they thought about the "shock" collar only exists with people who don't know how to use them. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH ANYONE WHO NEEDS TO SEE IT!

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