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Do cats miss us when we leave?

Sho Ko

Well, I don't think I'm ever leaving home again after seeing this! And if you know anyone who thinks cats don't miss us when we leave, here's your proof! (I imagine this might also work as a practical joke on your cats!? How do they react to Kodi's meowing?)

I knew Kodi had some separation anxiety when he was growing up, even though Shorty is always around (see, How Attached Are Cats To Their Owners -, but I figured, since he's almost 5 (36 in human years!) that he had grown out of it. Yeah, not so much. Haven't tried filming him like this in years but this morning I thought I'd just turn on the camera and see. This lil' dude still misses me like crazy the second I walk out the door. He immediately grabs his "security blanket," aka, little green mousie, and paces the hallway calling out. Poor little guy! I thought leaving out his and Shorty's favourite pink toy (you see it in the video) would mean they would have some fun. But cats are obviously very emotional creatures. Wouldn't you agree?

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posted by Korumlya05