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Diesel: The Purrfect Cat Who Left Too Soon!

Sleet Kitten

Remember Diesel, our lovable red kitten with that unforgettable purr? I've got to tell you his story, from the days of playful kittenhood to his acts of kindness that always warmed our hearts. But it's not all smiles and cuddles, my friend. Diesel's story takes a painful twist due to a heartbreaking oversight. It's a lesson about the love and loss we experience with our pets, and it's a story that still brings tears to my eyes.
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We adopted a pregnant cat named Tessa, a longhaired British breed. Tessa gave birth to three kittens of different colors. Then we found an abandoned kitten in the park and named him Kiki because he looked a lot like a cat girl named Kiki. A gray cat named Bonya with three kittens Chris, Сoсo, Сuсu and now they also live with us.

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posted by nhawmz