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Desktop Pets Tier List

Crypto NWO

Today, we're ranking virtual desktop pets (Bonzi Buddy, KinitoPET, Desktop Goose, Among Us Pet, Touch Bar Pet and many more) on a tier list. Produced by various creators, these desktop virtual pets start in no particular order and are all set to be ranked on a tier list.

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   • I Tested KinitoPET Against My Real PC  

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0:00 virtual desktop pet tier list
0:14 bonzi buddy
1:26 goose desktop
2:39 dpet engine
3:52 pet bearded dragon
4:26 cursor car
5:06 butterflies on desktop
5:25 esheep
5:43 homeless pigeon
6:24 desktop crewmate (among us)
7:00 baba friend
7:30 desktop dinosaurs
9:24 touch bar pet
11:19 kinitopet

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posted by gorda48ji