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Cutest Cats - Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds Ultimate CUTE CATS List

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Cutest Cats - Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds Ultimate CUTE CATS List

How do you decide which are the cutest cats when all of them are cute cats??
even though most dog lovers would disagree, cats are best friends with owners who take care of them well. and who wouldn't want to take care of these cutest cats?
In this video we tried to bring you the very cutest, most adorable cat breeds.

Since all of the cats in our list are so cute, the ranking is in no particular order.
each cat is a cute cat, all of them are the cutest cats in our eyes! Cats are the best friends you can have!

Do you own a cute cat? tell us about them in the comments!

Exotic shorthair:
Exotic shorthairs have a really unique look with flat faces, small noses, and big eyes.

Maine Coon:
Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed. They're big boned and muscular, with males weighing up to 22 pounds.

The special appearance of the Munchkin cat, identified by uncommonly short legs, is brought on by a genetic mutation.

The Ragdoll cat can be described in 3 words: big, gorgeous, and friendly.

British Shorthair
The British Shorthair is loved by many for it's easy-going mindset and chill personality.

Scottish Fold
If they are going to fold, a Scottish Folds ears will fold at around 3 to 4 weeks of age. Some stay straight.

Bengals are extremely athletic creatures and they have a fantastic ability to climb up into hard to reach locations.

Russian Blue
If you're looking for a family pet that's gentle and caring, the Russian blue is the ideal cat for your household.

Norwegian Forest Cats
As big as 22 pounds, Norwegian Forest cats are strongly built with powerful claws and an an incredible ability to climb.

The Birman is a typically well-mannered cat that is loving and caring with his human companions, eager to be near.

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