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Cornish Rex Cat 😸🤗//Beautiful Cat Breed🥰

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Cornish Rex Cat //Beautiful Cat Breed
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Cornish Rex Cat

At first glance, you’ll likely notice the large, wideset ears and eggshaped face of this breed before taking in the unusually arched back, narrow waist, and long limbs that make this cat the socalled greyhound of the feline family. Adding to the almost whimsical look of the Cornish Rex is its trademark curly fur, arranged in tight rows along its svelte body.

Common Health Problems
Thanks to its diverse heritage, the Cornish Rex isn’t particularly susceptible to many diseases and disorders found in other purebred cats. The breed benefits from crossbreeding between several different cats, including Siamese, Burmese, British shorthair, American shorthair, and Havana brown breeds. As a result, they often live long, healthy lives. Many Cornish Rex cats are reported to live into their late teens, with some surpassing the age of 20.

One genetic disorder that affects some Devon Rexes is called congenital hypotrichosis. It causes thinning of the fur along the torso and head and may lead to baldness in these areas. This condition isn't painful but it may necessitate skin care measures to prevent excessive dryness or sunburn, per your vet's guidance. There is no cure for hypotrichosis, and because it is a genetic disorder, affected cats should not be bred.

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