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Blue to Violet change your car colour / How to paint chameleon pigment / Custom painting method

Custom Z warriorz

I would like to introduce a chameleon color painting method that is of interest to car painters around the world. This is the most beautiful color. change your car colour.
However, how to get this color should be kept secret. Because I was strongly ordered by my boss. Sorry.
This chameleon color turn your car or motorcycle into a great car.
Is your car Toyota? Is it Nissan? Is it Honda?
Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, GM, Ford, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, everything is beautifully revived with this chameleon color.
For other videos, search on [ czw77 ].
This custom paint video is published by [ Custom Z warriorz ] from Japan.

Painter : warriorz japan (Mr.K)
Automobile : TOYOTA Verossa

Material provider : KOVAX

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posted by dalotel3j