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Cat TV for cats to watch | mouse jerry hole hide u0026 seek and Play 8 hour 4k UHD

Paul Birder

8 hour mouse fun hide & seek in jerry hole specially designed for cats entertainments. mouse playing amazingly in jerry holes that is most engaging and enjoyable for feline friends,
Paul birder always try to make videos that not only relaxing for cat & dogs even human too. so sit back and watch the reaction of your cats.
real sounds of mouse activities like run, squeaking and eating creates more enjoyments to felines .
Note: All videos are filmed ourselves , some time we spend more than 4 days for a single video , background birds chirping sound is recorded separately with many of professional mic like rode NTG and zoom h6 , plus a wireless mic on the spot to capture real time sound of birds or squirrels,
Every cat deserves Paul Birder Cat TV.
New episode every week.
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behind the scenes in every video


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