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Caprice u0026 Ella Holiday Special 2021: Turkey Rally

Caprice & Ella

#CapriceAndElla #TurkeyRally #Thanksgiving #Special
Caprice and Ella learn about the Turkey Rally Food Drive done by Community Harvest Food Bank and WPTADT2 (NBC in Fort Wayne).

00:00 Open
01:14 Caprice and Ella learn more than about the Turkey Rally. They learn about the meaning of giving to charity. It is their first Thanksgiving.
08:02 Ava donates food (specifically a box of Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes, three boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, two cans of Member's Mark Cut Green Beans, and two cans of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup) to the Community Harvest Food Bank in Fort Wayne.
09:49 Ava reveals that she also started and finished her #Christmas shopping at Walmart 4231 at Southtown Centre in Fort Wayne.
11:47 Close

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Hello, we are Caprice and Ella, also known as Ava Zinn's respective cat and dog. We hope you love us on YouTube as much as you do in person.

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