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Box Fort Maze Challenge with Chris

Vlad and Niki

Box Fort Maze Challenge with Chris.

00:00 Box Fort Maze Challenge
05:36 Chris learns the rules of the road
08:48 Halloween Maze Challenge
15:25 Chris learns good habits with Mom
19:36 50 cars Challenge for kids
23:13 Airplane challenge for kids
28:25 Chris Learns to Share Food and Pretend Cook Toy Food
31:55 Pink vs Black Challenge for friends
37:17 Chris learns to cook food for drive thru cafe
41:41 Vlad and Niki play Hide and Seek with Chris
46:09 Open the 10 Doors Adventure
52:54 Hot vs Cold Challenge with Mom
57:19 Four Colors Playhouse Challenge
1:05:18 Chris and mom doing shopping in Toy store
1:09:05 Four Colors Water Balloons Challenge
1:15:45 Vlad becomes a City Hero and save the day
1:19:46 Niki Pretend Play with Inflatable Food Toys
1:25:45 Driver Chris rides a taxi and helps the city rescuers
1:30:07 Baby Chris wants to be higher
1:34:05 Chris and Mom learn how to harvest strawberries and vegetables at the farm
1:38:57 Chris and Nicole are playing with slimes
1:44:57 Little Babies Masks Story
1:48:31 Chris and Mom try to find healthy ice cream
1:53:02 Vlad and Niki Ride on Toy Airplane
1:56:06 Vlad and Niki learn how to work in a kids hotel

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posted by achiques4x