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Best Animal Voiceovers - Ep. 24

KLR Productions

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Source Material:
raccoon boomer   / cj9p_hik0hp  
cat and raccoon   / celdcf2a26s  
monkey   / cjgfvyp5gq  
scared cat   / cjohtfehfku  
raccoon in car   / ci3r97dofph  
otter   / cjmsy6uol1g  
cat vs tissue box   / my_cat_is_obsessed_with_sticking_her_head_...  
dog on horse   / chnkjlya5hg  
squirrel   / cjdlnlagjkd  
elephant   / cjinca5dwq2  
eagle + crab https://www.tiktok.com/@surfs.up_hann...
cows   / cklk2w6ocm  
gator + turtle   / its_mine_now  
scaredy cat   / csu6ahfph_w  
soccer cats   / cia__b3pa63  
cat money   / cjdejh1gzs1  
goats   / when_you_want_to_sleep_but_kids_have_other...  
jealous dog   / cktgfacdfzb  
raccoon dumpster https://www.tiktok.com/@thedumpsterba...
cat sparrow   / cublnvpprcg  
cat zoom   / c  
cat and parrot   / caax40zfwbr  
lizard   / tobsonbolhuis  
pig   / cjyczvdahov  
lemur   / cghh11ngyf_  
raccoon   / csq3gg0gakq  
cat   / ckex2k_p_lm  
bear   / chuq5papupw  

We do all our own edits, voices, sound effects, and subtitles. Send us an email at [email protected] for any questions, comments or concerns.

Thank you!

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