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Bengal The Best Pet Mammal?

Clints Reptiles

Cats are pretty great pets, but there is one cat that has always intrigued me more than any otherthe Bengal. So what is a Bengal cat? How is this hybrid cat different from domestic cats? Is the Bengal the best pet cat for you?

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Bengal Cats:   / daynightbengals112217834449707  


"Two Ocelots" by Ppgold1963 under CC BY 4.0

"Leopard cat India" by Shan2797 under CC BY 4.0

"Liger Couple" by Hkandy under CC BY 3.0


Clint is a professional biologist and educator, but above all, Clint LOVES reptiles and he loves to share that love with everyone he meets. Whether you're lover or a hater of reptiles, you can't help but get excited with Clint!
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