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Becoming a Freelance Social Media Manager in 2023

Latasha James

Want to become a freelance social media manager? Here's how one of my students did it in 2023!
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0:00 hey, hi, hello!
1:00 how to get started
2:36 business banking for the selfemployed (ad)
4:03 how to choose a niche
6:08 when to take the leap
7:01 how to transition to selfemployment
10:00 quitting confidently
10:58 documenting on tiktok
14:00 finding clients through video
17:36 letting video sell for you
18:18 when and why to invest in your education
21:13 shaylee’s biggest takeaways from my course
22:10 how to actually get results from courses
24:36 having a support system
27:22 the skill every social media manager needs
30:41 books for social media managers
32:04 advice for people who want to go freelance
33:13 where to find shaylee!

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