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BACKYARD CAMPiNG the MOViE!! Adley and Family camp routine build a tent fishing lake and more!

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

watching all our favorite backyard videos with you!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! I was playing hide n seek with Mom when dad came downstairs wanting to film a video! My mom and I heard him so we got in our best hiding spots and waited for him to find us!! He searched all around the kitchen until he found us and then asked what we wanted to do today! I said it's perfect weather outside so we should go camping in the backyard!! They both loved that idea and then we started to get ready!! We needed to pack things like toys, a tent, smore stuff, and sleeping bags!! After we gathered everything for the camping trip we made our way to the backyard and started getting things all set up!! We popped up the tent, set up our sleeping bags, pulled out our toys and started relaxing! Then I had a great idea! What if we go fishing?! My mom and I made a fishing pole out of a noodle and some string and then Dad used some peanut butter for bait! While fishing we caught some of the coolest things like mermaids, whales, and stingrays! We then made our way to the trampoline where we pretended that it was a giant lake! We swam there for a while and then wanted to watch some Adley videos!!

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Bye vlog pshhhhh

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