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BUG CATCHiNG with NiKO and ADLEY!! Learning about Rare Bugs found on pirate island irl u0026 in Roblox

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

Family Bug Hunt using our new A for Adley Bug catching kits


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we are goin on a Bug Catching adventure! We just finished helping The Spacestation crew design some bug catching kits with lots of stuff to help catch lots of insects, spiders, and even butterflies, so we are testing them out at pirate island today! After looking around for a while we found a pirate skull laying in the sand! When we picked it up there was a TON of rolly pollies inside! We started to collect them in our bug cases, but then we realized that they weren't just regular rollie pollies, they were Dairy Cow Isopods! Those ones are really rare because they have black and white spots like a cow! Next we found some ladybugs by fairy forest. Ladybugs are my favorite bugs because they are so cute! We thought we caught them all but then we noticed one crawling on Niko's leg! Next we found a HUGE cockroach on the pirate island beach! Mom is really scared of cockroaches so she stayed FAR away from it! After that we found ANOTHER cockroach, this time me and Niko were really brave and decided to hold them! At first we were scared but then we found out that they are actually really nice, so we decided to keep them as pets and be best friends with them... but mom won't let us bring them inside the house. We even found a spider that can run SUPER fast! We let him have his own cage so he can run around! After that, it was time to feed our new pet bugs! Dad got some old apples and grapes to feed them with while me and Niko inspected them with out magnifying glasses! We had SO much fun playing with out new bug kits and we think you will too! You can find them on :)

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