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American Wirehair Cats 101 : Fun Facts u0026 Myths

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In today's video, we are going to talk about some interesting facts and myths about the American Wirehair Cat.

The American Wirehair is a mediumsized cat, but she is a very powerful one. She is heavily muscled and has heavy boning. Her rounded, thick appearance makes you realize that she will be heavy when you pick her up.

The American wirehair cat is a breed native to New York is a playful, affectionate, and independent breed with a coarse, crimped coat resulting from a natural genetic mutation. Their eyecatching wavy hair is this breed’s defining quality.

These cats are loving, easygoing, and affectionate companion animals. Like true New Yorkers, these kitties have an independent streak that makes them a great fit for owners with busy lifestyles.

American wirehairs are fairly rare, even though the breed is relatively wellknown.

American wirehair is an easygoing breed, the American Wirehair is a good companion for single people and loves to play, even when left alone.

Here are some interesting facts about the American Wirehair Cat.

1. American Wirehair Cat's Appearance.

The coat of the Wirehair is similar to that of the American Shorthair, except for the crimped texture. It is thick and dense. It becomes much longer and thicker during the winter. The texture of the coat is relatively hard, as it is meant as protection for her and the crimping makes it feel even harder.

As their name might suggest, American wirehair cats have coarse, thick hair that is rough to the touch and wiry in appearance. They have mediumsized, muscular bodies that appear round and thick in shape and typically weigh between 8 to 12 pounds.

Though they are a shorthaired cat, their coats do grow a bit longer in the winter for added warmth. American wirehairs can be solid black, blue, white, red, or cream. Coat patterns for these cats include chinchilla, smoke, cameo, calico, tabby, and bicolor. They have large eyes that tilt slightly upward at the outer corners. American wirehair’s eye color can be blue, green, or gold.

Because the crimped texture of American wirehairs can keep loose hairs tight to their body, some consider them hypoallergenic. While they’re not completely allergenfree, a curly coat that keeps shed hairs at bay can be slightly less irritating to some owners with allergies.

The American wirehair is often compared to the American shorthair, and while they do have many similarities, their main difference lies in hair texture. The American shorthair doesn’t have the wirehair’s coarse, curly coat.

2. American Wirehair Cat's Temperament.

American wirehairs are a true companion breed, with a loving, laidback attitude. This easygoing cat gets along with pretty much everyone, including dogs, other cats, kids, and seniors. This affectionate breed has plenty of love to give and is likely to form an attachment with every member of the household.

Wirehairs are smart, playful, and independent. They’re active and affectionate, but not hyper or demanding. These wellmannered cats love interactive play with their humans but are perfectly content to spend time playing alone with toys as well.

When they’re not playing, they love to curl up next to their owners and offer comforting cuddles and purrs. These cats are sweet, gentle, and friendly family pets.

3. American Wirehair Cat's Personality.

The American Wirehair is a very pleasant cat to have as a companion. She is easy going and placid. The Wirehair is a loving cat and will attach herself to every member of her family.

While the Wirehair loves to play, she actually doesn't need hourly attention. If she is in the mood to play, she'll bring a toy to her parent. The Wirehair also plays well by herself, and she is a good companion for single people.

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