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Singapura Cats 101 : Fun Facts u0026 Myths

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In today's video, we are going to talk about some interesting facts and myths about the Singapura Cat.

The Singapura Cat is one of the lesserknown breeds of cat, but it has an interesting history. It is also a notable breed in the sense that it is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world.

If you’ve been dreaming of a tiny, beautiful cat breed that’s smart and outgoing, you might have met your dream breed in the Singapura. While the origins of these feisty little cats might be a little murky, there’s no denying that they have a character that’s way larger than their diminutive size might suggest.

They have incredible large eyes and sweet, engaging faces, so you might be fooled into thinking these little cats enjoy a quiet life. The truth is that they’re not for everyone, so they might not be the best companion if you enjoy long lazy sessions. But if you’re looking for an extroverted and clever cat who can always keep you entertained, you might have met your match.

Here are some interesting facts about Singapura Cat.

1. Their Origins Have Caused Controversy.

Although they are officially known to have come from Singapore, this is a subject that has caused controversy as the original cats used for breeding may have originated in the United States. Cat breeder Jerry Mayes was visiting Singapore on a cat finding trip in 1987. While he was there, he came across the documentation relating to the three cats originally used for the foundation of the Singapura cat breed. He learned that the three cats had originated in the United States and were only taken to Singapore in 1974. As the cats had been born in the United States, lived in Singapore, and then returned to the United States to found the breed, there was controversy around the fact that the breed should be classified as having originated in the United States.

2. They Can Weigh as Little as Four Pounds.

This is one of the smallest cat breeds and a healthy adult female can weigh as little as four pounds. A healthy male cat will usually weigh around six pounds. Heavier examples of the Singapura Cat can weigh up to eight pounds.

3. Singapuras only come in one coat color.

The distinctive coat color of the Singapura is often described as having a sepia tone, with the breed standard specifying that the pattern should be one of a ticked tabby, comprising at least four bands of light and dark ticking. The darkest ticking should be across the back, fading out to an unticked tummy, the shade of “old ivory.”

The reason for the Singapura’s coat color is down to one gene, known as “agouti.”

The coat ticking of this breed is one of the defining characteristics, leading to beautiful markings, including darker “puma lines” that extend from the inside of the eye and then across the cheeks. The shade of the Singapura’s coat should be of warm tones, with glowing shades strongly contrasting each other.

4. Singapura Cat's Exercise Needs.

These little cats love to exercise! Unlike some cat breeds who don’t really have any specific exercise requirements, you’ll need to set aside time every day to make sure your Singapura is sufficiently exercised. Whether that’s playing with them using a variety of different toys, setting up an agility course for them in the backyard, or taking them to explore the backyard, these cats really do love exercising and playing.

5. They Like High Perches.

A quirky feature of this cat’s personality is that it likes to be in high places, so the owner should get a high cat perch for them. This is because the Singapura cat likes to have a good view of everything that is going on around them.

6. It is the Mascot Cat of Singapore.

The Singaporeans are extremely proud of this cat and have even chosen it as the mascot for the country. It was selected by the Singapore Tourist and Promotion Board.

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