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American English Coonhound Dog Breed - Facts and Information


American English Coonhound facts and information. In this video i will tell you everything you need to know about American English Coonhound dog breed.
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American English Coonhounds featured in this video:
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Short American English Coonhound description:
A mediumtolargesized breed, American English Coonhound males height is between 24 and 26 inches females height is between 23 to 25 inches.

Their coat is in medium lenghth and it is very protective and hard. The American English comes in several color combinations including red and white, ticked red and white, ticked blue and white, tricolor with ticking and white and black.

This breed is affectionate, strong willed, fun to be around, little bit mischievous and cheerful, with strong nose which, which can sometimes sniff them out into some troubles.

This breed is highly trainable but tends to be prey driven. This is why extra socialization and training are requierd to have and obedient American English Coonhound. But if you will be patient and give them plenty of attention, this breed is among the sweetest for an active, outdoor family.

Like most other coonhounds, the American English Coonhound can trace its ancestry from Foxhounds. The Virginia Hounds brought over to the U.S. were crossed with American Foxhounds.

They were also bred with a dog with the best nose in the dog world – the Bloodhound. This made them much better at searching and hunting in general.

The grooming of American English Coonhound is easy. Their short hair only needs occasional brushing. But during the grooming, pay particular attention to your dog’s ears, because this breed is prone to developing ear infections.

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