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American Bobtail Cat - How Good is this Breed ?

Cat Demesne

The American Bobtail Cat is one of the best and agile catbreed ever. From being socially active, friendly attitude to beautiful looks, this cat is all set to slide into your wishlist.

Discussing the appearance side of the American bobtail, it does resemble with bobtailed wildcat but surely that can't prove, it behaves like a wild cat in REAL life, I've owned these American bobtail breeds, and I'm truly amazed by the loyalty, manners & perseverance, this cat holds in her mind.
The one word that can perfectly determine this American bobtail would be "heartfelt".

I guess I've elaborated much here so it's time for you to watch our today's video till the end and do let us know in the comments what do you think about American bobtail cats ?

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